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The BTVi3 is a "One Of A Kind" Full Entertainment System For The Whole
Family To Enjoy!

[ vl ]  MINI COMPUTER - Hook up a keyboard & mouse, internal hardrive, store docs & photos, Access all your favorite apps & social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Skype, plus  Surf The Web and Video Chat

[ vl ]  MOVIES - Access to over 200,000 titles, New Releases, Currently Playing In Theaters, Classics,  Search feature by Actor/Title  "10 x better than owning your own Blockbuster Video store"
4K Compatible, 3D, Use subtitles for hearing impared & parental controls

[ vl ]  TV SHOWS - 1000's of Shows, from all your favorite Networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, HBO, Showtime, Discovery, E!, History Channel and all the rest. "Newest" and all the "Classics" from the 1950s to today, Many have access to all past seasons & episodes, See List

[ vl ]  LIVE TV  - Exclusive PX4TV with over 700  HD Quality Channels, Network & Premium Channels with TV GUIDE, 
Can also PAUSE live TV Channels, come back & play where you left off! Only company with reliable source of channels & true replacement of cable!  See List

[ vl ]  B-VISIONAnother exclusive to the BTVi3, Our own "Originals Network" with upcomming programming from various entertainment categories, Reality Shows, Sitcoms, TV & Specialty Shows. See preview below...

[ vl ]  SPORTS - Watch almost any game live on TV and replays;  Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Hockey, Golf, UFC, Boxing and channels on every major sport. To access this on Cable or Satellite would cost big $$.
[ vl ]  INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMING - Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian,
French, German, Korean, Japanese, Tagalong (80+ Countries)
[ vl ]  SPECIALTY - Adult Content, Kids Zone, Stand Up Comedy & Documentaries

[ vl ]  MUSIC - Huge Selection of Radio Stations, Mp3s on Demand, Music Videos, Live Concerts and Podcasts

[ vl ]  KARAOKE -  Sing to 1000s of titles!

[ vl ]  GAMES - Access to over 8000 Games! Playstation, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo & More

Bluetooth Game Contoller, 4 usb ports for 4 players

[ vl ]  EXTRAS - Education, Health & Fitness, Live World Cams 

[ vl ]  BTV On The GO - Take It With You! It's like if you were able to bring your cable box with you wherever you go, traveling, hotels, the cabin, parties, passengers in the car etc.


[ vl ]  100% LEGAL

Step 2.
 Be Sure To Watch This Incredible
"Video Tour" of The BTV Media Player!
"NO COMPETITION!  with our Exclusive PX4TV...
The only media player that offers access to a reliable source of Network (ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS) and Premium Live TV Channels  in HD Quality (over 700) and best yet there's no cost to access. The only true replacement for satellite or cable!"
The BTVi3 even has its own Network

Similar to "Netflix Originals", Legacy Direct presents "B-Vision" with up and coming, unique programing completely EXCLUSIVE to users of the BTVi3 Media Player.  Starting off shows staring Kevin Sorbos, know for his role as "Hercules", Aldis Hodge from the hit series "Underground" and John Salley, NBA Superstar, won 4 championship rings, with his own show which has a sneak preview below..."The Web"
The BTVi3 Media Player is actually a Mini Computer that turns your TV into entire entertainment center. (Must Use High Speed Internet) Not only can you do what you would normaly do with your computer such as; download apps, store docs and photos, etc., but more importantly, you can use its sofisticated software that acts like a powerful search engine to bring in streaming media from all over the world! We are talking a massive amount of; Movies, TV, Sports, News, Education, Games, Karaoke and much more. To be clear, this programming is not provided by Legacy Direct, but rather from the Internet itself. Easy,  just connect your TV to the BTVi3 Media Player which in turn connects to your Router (Ethernet or Wifi). The media player is lightweight and portable, so you can take it anywhere!
Why haven't I heard of this before? Well, just like other types of technologies and formats that have entered the market place, like the; DVD, Satellite and the Tablet, we are in the very beginning stages of a new trend of technology in how people watch movies and tv. and that is "streaming media!" Most people are already fully aware of companies like; Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, all of which offer customers to watch their favorite movies and tv shows online,.In addition, many have seen the other types of products that offer access to PAID SUBSCRIPTION streaming media devices such as; Apple TV, Chromcast, Roku and more.  Legacy Direct is one of the first to take this a step further to create a hardware and software mechanism that brings it all to one place in order to access almost all the streaming media out there, and best yet, It's FREE!
How is this legal? As of now there is absolutely no regulation on the internet to prevent sites from streaming media. In fact anyone can go online and find almost everything accessible though their own PC, tablet or phone, the exact same streaming movies, tv shows, sports, etc., that is availabe to anyone, understanding that Legacy Direct is not giving access to anything that everyone already doesnt have access to. 
The problem is, to find what you want and make it accesible in one place. In addition
to try to go online and find movies and other streaming media creates a tedious process. This includes having to take the time to register for some of the sites, experience ads or pop ups, and even worse, download viruses, all of which will NOT occur while using the BTVi3 Media Player. And to take it a step further, in regards to legality, you can not record or download anything using the BTVi3 Media Player.
See "Legal Video"

What if Legacy Direct's server goes down or they go out of business? Since the programming (streaming media sources) is coming from the internet, customers will always have access to it. In the unlikelyhood that the servers do go down, it would only effect the ability of Legacy Direct to transfer software upgrades to customer's media players. Once the server issue is resolved then the updates resume. If the company would happen go out of business then software upgrades would cease but customers would retain their current software build and continue to access the internet for streaming media. 

How is this different than other types of media players (android boxes) out in the market?

Main difference is, if you are looking to cut out your cable bill, no other competitive units have relaible sources of Network and Premium Channels, if any at all! So you would have to keep your cable or antenna. The movie and tv selection is limited to a select amount of addons, while The BTVi3 has over 2000 addons with more than 10x the amount of selections, also trategically placing access to those addons at the forefront of the software interface to make it extremly easy to find whatever you are looking for? A much greater access to & selection of Sports, Documentaries, Stand Up Comedy, Music and Specialty addons and categories not highlighted or found on other systems like Education, Karaoke and close to 8000 Video Games. Legacy also has a network of 1000s of distributors & customers across the world that interact on our Facebook Forum Page, allowing you to see what is popular and help you to find anything you are looking for. Our company will also be upgrading its software and offering anything new in the future of programming that will benificial to its users for years to come, while other small operations do not have the company staff or budget to do so. ( this will leave competitor customers stuck with whatever they bought). The BTVi3 also will feature its own Network "B-Vision" bringing you exciting original programming exclusive to the BTVi3 users. Legacy Direct is approved by the FCC and license for Bluetooth for exciting new wireless products that can be used and paired with our system.

Will something like this come out in the stores and mabye cost me less?  Anything is possible, but if it did, most likely it would be way off in the future.  The bottom line is this, by getting a BTVi3 Media Player now, within just a few short months, customers will already have saved enough money so that it will literally pays for itself. 
Can You Imagine, Never Having To Deal With Those Nasty Cable Bills Again!
Never Having To Pay For Netflix, Hulu, All Which Have Such Limited Selection...
Never Having To Pay for Redbox Or Get Up To Go Rent Or Return Movies...


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